It all started a little more than 100 years ago when a few good men made the first expedition to explore the Arctic region of Greenland – probably the roughest, cold and hard-hearted area on Earth. Then men who came back, came back with a wisdom of nature: They had discovered and explored the biggest island in the world, a country of nothing but ice and snow.Today we still salute the brave men who took great great risks and discovered the wonders of nature – The amazing Ice Cap and the beautiful country of Greenland.

The brave men from the past, the Ice Cap and Greenland are all deeply rooted in the soul of ISFJORD:

In 2007 ISFJORD discovered the amazing characteristics of distilling spirits with one of natures best kept secrets: The extremely pure and soft water from icebergs that naturally breaks from the Greenland Ice Cap and into the sea in Ilulissat far north of the Polar Circle.

Water that has been preserved as ice for 180,000 years, hidden from the outside world, sealed from any pollutants and almost all forgotten. Just until the very moment when the icebergs scatter into millions of ice pieces and the local icermen harvested a few of them and melt them into the purest natural water on Earth.

ISFJORD Premium Arctic Single Malt Whisky begins with pure and super soft iceberg water.  A carefully distillation according to the unique recipes developed especially for distillation with iceberg water.

Recipes ensuring both spirits their unparalleled taste and characters that ISFJORD Premium Arctic Single Malt Whisky are well known for:

Raw smoothness!